The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) is a world-class academic institution with a reputation for excellence both in Ukraine and internationally. It helps to improve the economic, business, and policymaking environments of Ukraine and its neighboring countries.

The Kyiv School of Economics, however, is not just another new university. It is different.

If you want to become different, welcome!
The Kyiv School of Economics offers: 
- internationally recognized Master’s Programs in Business Economics, Financial Economics, and Economic Analysis 
- taught in English by international and Western-trained Ukrainian 
-programs’ curricula are modeled on the best economic, financial, and business graduate programs 
- an opportunity to obtain a Master's degree of the University of Houston.
The KSE Executive programs offer executives, consultants, analysts and other private and public sector practitioners, an outstanding background and the skills required for strategic business planning and for managing day-to-day business.
Qualified economists of the Kyiv School of Economics:
- provide advanced economics analysis 
- policy advice to many clients and partners around the world
- participate in numerous research projects, results of which are used by governments, business companies, international organizations, and many others  

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