KSE at a glance

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) is the premier graduate school of economics and management in Ukraine, offering degree programs in Economics and Management as well as educational programs in Public Administration and business/economics journalism.

KSE is also a leading institution in economics research and policy advice through its Kyiv Economics Institute (KEI) and the International Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC).

KSE is also the administrative center for the 12 country CIS/FSU region for the Global Development Network (GDN), founded by the World Bank, providing research and economic policy advice in these countries, under the auspices of KSE’s EERC.

KSE was founded in 1996 by the EERC and the Eurasia Foundation

Economics Education and Research:

KSE offers two Master’s Degree programs:

  • a one-year MA in Business and Financial Economics (applications oriented) and
  • an intensive two year MA program in Economic Analysis (primarily PhD track).

Both MA programs are joint programs with the University of Houston (UH) and KSE graduates receive MA degrees from UH. KSE faculty and curriculum are accredited as part of the UH accreditation (UH is ranked in world TOP 51-75 for Economics and Business).

  • These KSE programs are taught by twelve professors of economics who earned PhDs in US and European Union universities and are listed with UH faculty.
    • This faculty is considered to have the best economists in Ukraine and to have the strongest publications record.

Forbes rates Top Ukrainian Economic Thinkers; of the top 15 economists, 13 are faculty at, or graduates of, KSE and are now professors at Cornell, California/Berkeley, Pittsburgh, Case Western Reserve, British Columbia, Glasgow and elsewhere.

    • KSE is by far the top economics faculty in Ukraine (according to RePEc/IDEAS,).
    • KSE is also № 1 in Ukraine (by a wide margin) for the top cited published scholarly authors on economics.
  • KSE is unique in Ukraine for its economics program at KSE is taught entirely English, using English-language textbooks and other teaching materials; it is the only graduate economics school in Ukraine with a dual degree program with a Western university (UH).
  • KSE also cooperates closely with the Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in conferences, research projects and the joint establishment of a new journal of economics.


Management Education for business:

KSE offers MBA and shorter term certificate programs in business and management.

  • KSE offers MBA programs with
    • concentrations in Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Management, and Operations, as well as
    • cross-functional specializations in Information Technologies and in Agribusiness.
  • Also, KSE MA in Economics, upon completion of MBA core courses, may receive the MBA in Business Economics or Finance in addition to their MA in Economics from the University of Houston.
  • KSE MBA programs are designed in accordance with western academic standards: teaching is in English with English language teaching, materials and the curriculum is developed with an International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB)

The IAAB consists of business school deans from Georgetown, Maastricht, and Warwick as well as business leaders from Ukraine and from international business.

  • The focus of the MBA programs is to prepare business leaders for the European Union market (given the recently signed Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade as well as the EU Association agreements) and for North America and world markets.
  • KSE also has certificate programs, including: AgroLeaders, AgroLady, Corporate Finance, Finance for Non-Finance Executives.
  • KSE translates and distributes articles from the Harvard Business Review in Ukrainian.
  • KSE has vital innovation engagement and  through:
    • the BrainBasket Foundation (KSE President is Chair of Supervisory Board);
    • the Ukrainian Venture Capital Association (KSE president is member of Supervisory Board);
    • Start-up and Innovation Development Program (in Kyiv)
    • Innovation Cluster Network Program for 24 cities throughout Ukraine over three years (with grant support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).
  • KSE and members of the KSE community of faculty, students, and alumni are prominent in business consulting, governance of companies, and in positions of management with PWC, Ernst&Young, KPMG, Deloitte & Touche, Bain, Civitta, Roland Berger, ING, UniCredit/ UkrSotsBank, PNB Paribas/UkrSibBank, Raifffeisen/Aval, OTP Bank, Credit Agricole, CitiBank, Barclays, Morgan Stanley, Bear Stearns, Rothschild, Moodys, Dragon Capital, EastOne, CASE, ICPS, Nielsen, GfK-USM, Kraft Foods/Mondelez, Mars, Nestle, Coca Cola, Proctor&Gamble, Unilever, Xerox, AIG, Luxsoft, EPAM,  ABB, Bunge, ADM, KyivStar, MTS, JTI, Philip Morris, Shell and many others.


Public Administration and Policy Advice:

KSE is a leader in education and training for government and for policy advice.

  • KSE is launching two new programs: School for Leaders of Reform and Management of Public Finance (supported by GiZ).
  • KSE cooperates with the National Academy for Public Administration affiliated with the Presidential Administration.
  • KSE gathers leaders of civil society, think tanks, government representatives, noted economists including Nobel laureates, renowned thinkers, as well as leaders of business and business associations and holds weekly meetings, roundtables, and discussions and debates on issues of reform, economic policy as well as business and industry policy. This facilitates the process of forming an open and all-inclusive exchange and consensus and leads to specific policy recommendations.
  • KSE has developed the Strategy for the Economic Development of Ukraine to 2020 which is incorporated into the overall reform program for Ukraine.
  • KSE is leading the reform process for State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)
    • The President of KSE chairs the Nominations Committee (NC) for CEOs of the 60 largest SOEs, established by and reporting to the Prime Minister of Ukraine, to evaluate and recommend new CEOs to reform SOEs. NC consists of heads of KSE, World Bank, IFC, EBRD, the Business Ombudsman, and Ministers of Economics, Finance, Agriculture, Infrastructure, and Energy.
    • Together with INSEAD professors, and with the grant support of Western NIS fund, KSE is implementing management education and training programs for SOEs, specifically for CEOs, Supervisory Boards, and Management Boards. 
  • KSE advises the administration of the President of Ukraine, the National Council of Reform, as well as various ministries and other entities in the executive branch of government.
  • KSE is program co-leader with PWC in a British DFID $7mn grant for economic reform and governance.
  • Internationally, KSE has strong connections with research think tanks in 5 other countries in conjunction with the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics (SITE) of the Stockholm School of Economics.
  • KSE is a leader in EU-Ukrainian government reform, business dialogue, and communicating reforms to the public:
    • with grant support its cooperation with the EU Martens Center, KSE organizes visits and consultations from great Central European leaders of reforms, e.g. Leszek Balcerowicz, Jan Bielecki, Mikulas Dzurinda, Ivan Miklos
    • to support the communication of the reform process, KSE will also be offering an unique program in Ukraine – a School of Business and Economics Journalism (supported by GiZ).
  • In policy, graduates of KSE are in:

key ministries of the government of Ukraine (two deputy ministers) and the National Bank of Ukraine (three deputy governors) and hold important positions in Ukraine and internationally with the World Bank, EBRD, IBRD, EIB, IFC, US Federal Reserve Banks, and others.


Academic Contributions:

Preparation at KSE enabled 104 KSE graduates to earn PhDs from top Western universities. And additional 40 students are in PhD programs at this time.

  • Most PhD holders teach in Western universities.
    • In the US, this includes: Princeton, NYU, Cornell, Pennsylvania, Yale, U of California/Berkeley, Georgetown, Michigan, Houston and many others.
    • In the EU, this includes: Cambridge, Oxford, Bocconi, Mannheim, Jena, Louvain, Stockholm School of Economics, London School of Economics, DIW-Berlin, Erasmus, Carlos III, Alicante, and many others.
  • Prominent KSE alumni include: Yuriy Gorodnichenko (U Cal/Berkeley) designated as the №1 Top Young Economist (2014, RePEc) and Viktor Tsyrennikov (Cornell) who co-authored several articles with the Nobel laureate (2011) Prof. Thomas Sargent (NYU).
  • KSE professors, alumni, and other world renowned scholars, including Nobel laureate (2007) Roger Myerson (U of Chicago), have formed VoxUkraine, as a think tank and platform for analysis, policy advice, and communications on economic, social and political issues.
  • The KSE International Economics Academic Advisory Board: top world academics, including Nobel Laureate Roger Myerson.
  • Also, the Journal of Contemporary Economics is preparing a special issue on Ukraine. In conjunction with this, KSE and VoxUkraine held an international conference on economics and policy in Ukraine in April 2015. Sponsors included US AID, SSE/SITE, U California-Berkeley, and the Association for Comparative Economic Studies. This is an unprecedented event; no other top tier journal has devoted an entire issue to a CEE country. KSE alumni are editors of the issue: Prof. Gorodnichenko (UC Berkley), Prof. Mylovanov (U Pittsburg).


KSE Donor Support:

KSE core donors are the Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and the Global Development Network/World Bank.

KSE is and has been supported by grants and donations from:

Eurasia Foundation, Economics Education and Research Consortium (EERC), World Bank, US AID, Martens Centre for European Research, Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ), George Soros foundations, Victor Pinchuk Foundation, KSE alumni and others.

KSE has received research and policy grants from:

Department for International Development (UK), World Bank, Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, International Labor Organization, and others.