KSE events

Open Lectures

On a regular basis, the Kyiv School of Economics organizes Open Lectures for Kyiv students, academics, policy-makers, representatives of the international organizations, KSE partners in business, as well as media representatives, bringing well-known economists to Ukraine.

Open Executive Lectures

KSE organizes Open Executive Lectures inviting to speak the outstanding business professions. The events are open for general public.

Public Lectures

The Kyiv School of Economics organizes the Public Lectures for Ukraine's political and business community, bringing world-known scientists, economists, politicians and public figures to Ukraine. The goal of these events is to enlarge the debates on the topics most relevant for Ukraine.

Open Classes

KSE Open Classes is an opportunity for KSE students and students from different universities to meet outstanding professionals from business and international financial institutions to get a “real life” experience.

Career Presentations

KSE organizes career presentations for KSE students inviting representatives of top international Ukrainian companies to make presentation on existing career opportunities.  

KSE also organizes Career Workshops inviting HRs to make presentations on practical tools, such as resume writing, interview behavior, etc. 

Academic Seminars

KSE Academic Seminars activity help to create a research environment at the School and around the School. During the seminars, KSE faculty or invited researchers present their latest research.


The Kyiv School of Economics organizes several international student Olympiads dedicated to Applied Economics and Finance. The goal of these Olympiads is to gather talented students and to provide them with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a scientific competition.

The first round of the Olympiad is taken places in regions. The winners of the regional round are invited to Kyiv to Kyiv to participate in the final round and compete for monetary prizes.

Student Conferences

KSE organizes an international student conference, a scientific forum where winners of a national research papers and essay competition have an opportunity to present their essays and research papers and compete for monetary prizes.

The student conferences are dedicated to topics relevant to Ukraine and the CIS region.

Open Days

The Open Day is an event for potential applicants mostly from Kyiv which includes presentations by KSE faculty, alumni, students, and administration.

On-line Championships

The KSE Championship is an on-line competition targeted students and young professionals interested in economics, business, and finance. The first round is held on-line. The winners of the first round are invited to KSE to participate in the final round and compete for the monetary prizes.