Member of the European Parliament Ivan Stefanec met with business community in Ivano-Frankivsk


On May 26th Ivan Stefanec, member of the European Parliament and former member of Slovak parliament met with the representatives of business community of Ivano-Frankivsk within the frame of #UkraineReforms, joint project of Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Kyiv School of Economics, Reanimation Package of Reforms and Stronger Together

"Slovak presidency of the EU Council starts on July 1st and we would like Ukraine to be in focus. The process of the EU enlargement shouldn't stop. I do believe that Ukraine will be stronger with the EU and the EU will be stronger with Ukraine," - Mr Stefanec said. 

Sovakia was on its road to the EU in a very difficult time and the most important reforms, which were implemented in that time, were connected with the business environment, according to Mr.Stefanec. Stable currency is crucial for the stability of the business environment, while visa free regime between the countries also contributes to the development of small businesses and tourism, in particular, Mr. Stefanec said.