Open Lecture - Cost of conflict for organizations. Phantom menace


Usually, we take for granted organizational conflicts and related to them damages, which occur as a part of corporate life. Moreover, we invest very little into conflict prevention, assuming that damage from it is minor. Meanwhile, in the United States, for example, employees are spending on organizational conflicts 2,8 hours on average per week. Their productivity loss amounts to $359 billion annually.    

In a complex economic environment nobody can allow themselves waste so much time and money.

We invite you to discuss the ways to reduce spendings caused by corporate conflicts at lecture of Olesia Gerashchenko, business-mediator (WIRTSCHAFTSMEDIATORIN IHK), Executive Director of project CONFLICTA.NET, Head of Ukrainian Center for Concordance. 

Among the questions, that will be discussed:

  • Reasons of conflicts in organizations
  • Ways to calculate volume of spending through corporate conflicts
  • Recommendations for cost reduction
  • Basic approaches to negotiations with Win-Win result 

About speaker:

Olesia Gerashchenko  business-mediator (WIRTSCHAFTSMEDIATORIN IHK), Executive Director of project CONFLICTA NET, Head of Ukrainian Center for Concordance. Olesia - author of оnline course on conflict management, co-author of survey “Nature of future conflicts” of Hague Center for Strategic Research, co-author of decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine about creation of a Center for requests processing within the frame of single WTO Dispute Settlement Body, initiator of pilot project on family mediation at Darnytsia service for children’s issues in Kyiv.

Date: July 20th, 2017

Venue: Kyiv School of Economics, Dmytrivska Str., 92-94, room 206

Language: English without translation