Master’s Program enrollment has officially begun!


We are pleased to announce that enrollment in Master's Degree Programs in Economics has started. You can already apply and obtain a scholarship.

Master's Degree Programs in Economics, Business and Finance

MA in 
Business and Financial

MA in

MA in Mathematical
Economics and

- 1,5 year of study

- 2 years of study

- 2 years of study

- Data Science track/Corporate
Finance and Accounting

- scholarships

- joint program of KSE,
T. Shevchenko National
University and the University of
Houston (USA)

- стажування в

- “Talents from regions”

In this program, Kyiv School of Economics provides scholarships for the most capable students. To receive a scholarship that covers 90% of tuition costs, you will need to:

  • submit all your documents to or in person at KSE no later than March 14th,
  • on March 17th pass the scholarship exam in Mathematics, Economics, and English, as well as complete an interview

Applicants with the highest exam results will receive a 90% scholarship.

Applicants who have received a scholarship must also pass entrance exams in July.

More detailed information about the program and terms and conditions.

Kyiv School of Economics provides a 10% discount for applicants who: 

  • submit documents by April 30 at or in person at KSE. 
  • complete an interview and an online math and economics test.
Entrance exams will take place in July. 

More detailed information about the program and the terms and conditions.

This is a joint program of the Kyiv School of Economics and the Kyiv National University (KNU). KNU students study about half of the courses at KSE and half at the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics at KNU. Enrollment for the program will begin on July 2nd, entrance exams will be held from July 2nd to the 29th: 

  • Economics exam and an interview at KSE.
  • Mathematics and English – both done at KNU according to their standard procedures.

More detailed information about the program and terms and conditions

If you are interested in studying at Kyiv School of Economics, please register. We will inform you about terms and conditions, and will send you advice about preparation to the exams and interviews.