KSE Case Club. Lecture Consulting in IT by Julia Aleksis


Dear Case Club community, 

we keep getting acquainted with other spheres where consulting continues to gain momentum. So we have left the sweetest and hottest topic on this Sunday, as you might have guessed our meeting will be devoted to business analysis in IT sphere. Yes, yes. again for the first time ever in KSE Case Club! :) 

Nowadays, Information Technology is one of the most rapidly changing and growing industry in the world. Thus, we consider this meeting as unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge about this very promising and interesting field of work. 

We are delighted to introduce our speaker, who has rich and valuable experience in business analysis, Julia Aleksis. Julia is a Lead business analyst at EPAM.

During the meeting following topics will be covered: 

- Special features of business analysis in IT field
- BA career path in IT
- What knowledge and skills are crucial for successful professional development of BA in IT company ↓

We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!