KSE announces additional scholarships for students from Eastern region and Crimea


Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) announces additional scholarships for graduates from Donetsk, Lugansk regions and Crimea*.

The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) offers two internationally recognized graduate level programs: 

MA in Economics or Applied Economics from University of Houston.
       KSE is the only educational institution in Ukraine with a double degree in economics
       from the United States

Students who want to obtain additional grants for the Eastern regions and Crimea, can send documents by mail, submit personally at Kyiv School of Economics - Kyiv 01010, Ivana Mazepy Str, 1, office 101, or ONLINE at KSE website.

If you are not able to apply during the first round of admission with a deadline by 23 June, you may do so before July 31 in the second round of admission.

The curricula is taught in English. It provides KSE students with an opportunity to get to the best jobs in business, academia and international organizations and top level salaries. Many of graduates are enrolled in prestigious Ph.D., or MBA programs abroad. 

"In these difficult times for Ukraine, especially for Eastern and Southern regions, Kyiv School of Economics supports students in their desire to get an education and allocates additional scholarships for them. We support talents and do everything in order to prepare a new generation of economists and managers in Ukraine", Dr. George Logush, thr President of the Kyiv School of Economics.

We'll provide help in finding accommodation for students, who will move to Kiev to study at KSE.

*For more details please contact:

Kyiv School of Economics
Ivana Mazepy Str.1, office 101
01010 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel.: (38-044) 492-80-12
Tel.: (38-067) 507 11 91 
Fax: (38-044) 492-80-11 
e-mail:  info@kse.org.ua