Mikuláš Dzurinda two-day intense visit to Ukraine


On December 10-11, Kyiv School of Economics and the joint project with Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies (Centre for European Studies im.Vilfreda Martens) as part of the campaign "Stronger Together" were delighted to host Mikulas Dzurinda with a visit in Kyiv.
Mr. Dzurinda, Slovak politician and former Prime Minister of Slovakia, spent two intense days discussing  Reforms as the way out of the crisis, the experience of Slovakia and lessons for Ukraine. His visit was filled with meetings with civil society, business and politicians such as Ruslana Lyzhychko, George Logush, Volodymyr Fedorin, Oksana Nechyporenko, Alisa Ruban, Yulia Tychkivska. Mr. Dzurinda also made a TV-interview at 1st National Channel and gave a press conference at Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.  
Mikuláš Dzurinda visited Kyiv School of Economics with a workshop for student community. The aim of the visit was to promote reforms in Ukraine, analyzing the experience of our neighbors from Eastern and Central Europe.
«I can imagine how difficult and challenging this time is for Ukraine.
Slovakia had it's own Yanukovich who brought Slovakia in isolation. We were excluded because of lack of democracy and reforms. In 7 years after reforms started, the New York Times wrote that Slovakia was the leading country in reforms.
There is no gain without pain. I am sure that Ukraine will be able to implement reforms, because you have enough professionals, great scientists, many experts. I believe you can follow Slovakian experience in reforms. But you need strong personalities, I would say technocrats, well-educated, but what is more important with political strength. There also should be one particular person, responsible for implementing reforms.
You should play honestly. Speak to people and listen to them. In Ukraine you are capable of doing reforms, I trust in you!», - M.Dzurinda.