Library Users’ Policy

Library contact information

Phone (38044)492-8012, fax (38044)492-8011, email:

Who can use EERC library resources

The EERC-KSE faculty members, students, alumni, staff

External users (researchers, KSE applicants etc.)

Library collections are available to external users only for in-house use in gage of identity document.

Library card

In order to have an access to the library resources each KSE student, alumni, faculty or staff member should obtain the library card. The library card is the document with the number and photo of the user that allows using the KSE library resources. The user has to present his/her library card at the circulation desk at the time of checkout.

Loan Periods

The maximum loan period for materials except the main textbooks is two weeks. The period for which a book can be loaned is established depending on the frequency of its use or according to the faculty designation. All library materials are due on the due date. The books are also to be returned if a student leaves the Program for any reason. The loan period for the main textbooks is one academic year. All loaned materials are subject to recall as described below.

After each miniterm professors are obliged to return the books that belong to the KSE library. The renewal should be registered in the library.

Return of loaned materials within the loan period is the responsibility of the borrower. Users are encouraged to return borrowed materials as soon as they have finished using them, thereby making those items available to other members of the academic community. Materials are due on days when the library is open.

Number of Books One User Can Loan and Circulation Periods
  • Reference book: 2 books, 2 weeks
  • Journals: 5 items, 1 week
  • Video cassette: 2 items, 1 week
  • CD-ROM Software: 1 item, 1 week
Recalls & Renewals

All materials are subject to recall if another borrower requests them or if a faculty member wishes to place them on reserve for a course. The library may immediately recall materials needed for a course. Materials requested by other borrowers are subject to recall after the current borrower has had them for three days. Recalled items must be returned to a circulation on or before the due date. A borrower may renew all regular loans in person.


Whereas books are for personal use of students during the period of studies, they still remain the property of the Program and are to be returned to the Program in good condition. Users that have caused damage to the library books are subject to fines. Charges for lost items are set administratively. All categories of borrowers are subject to library fines.

Students that have not returned the books at the end of the academic year (June) will be deprived of the right to check out any library materials for the period of 1 month of the following mini-term. During that period library service of such users will be limited to indoor on-site service only.

Alumni Service

For KSE alumnus checking out of the library materials is possible for the period of 2 weeks in gage of passport. On-site access to the library resources is unlimited.

Outreach Srvice

To receive an access to the library resources on-site without the possibility to check them out all non-KSE members have to present their identity document at the circulation desk.


Taking into consideration the great paper consumption for xerox in the library, all necessary xeroxing is conducted by the KSE’ s staff member at the instruction of the Academic Department. Xeroxing for students’ personal needs is limited by yearly quota and can be conducted on the KSE copying-machine by using the individual codes.

For external users photocopying of library materials outside KSE is possible in gage of passport or other identification document; the library materials in the latter case are given for no more than 2 hours.