KSE’s Corporate Programs make a truly unique opportunity for management teams to give up their daily routine and devote some time to re-thinking their strategic priorities, approaches and practices of doing business with a guidance of experienced KSE professors. The specialty of corporate programs lies in ability to adapt the educational program to real needs and market position of a specific company, which allows to integrate knowledge and skills acquired into real business processes. Corporate programs also contribute to building a better team since after the joint educational course managers and employees share the same vision and thus are able to work synergetically.

KSE offers wide variety of study formats for its corporate programs from intensive short-term courses to full-fledged corporate MBA programs. A client company has an opportunity to get actively involved into shaping of program curriculum, offering real-life cases that can be reviewed and analyzed within the study course. All mentioned contributes to forming a strong team equipped with innovative tools and methods and able to implement them in the settings of their organization, enhancing business processes and financial performance.

KSE’s portfolio of successful corporate programs includes a number of courses delivered for prominent companies: