CEOs Leading Transformation of
State-Owned Enterprises

The educational program was launched in December 2015 with the support of Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the private equity fund WNISEF.

Program mission 

This educational program aims to introduce modern standards management, corporate culture change and turn to state-efficient and competitive enterprise. 

The program lasts 7 months and consists of 14 training modules covering the following thematic areas as corporate governance and building a transparent business, strategic planning, financial planning, human resource management, leadership, change management, marketing strategies, information technology in modern business, communications and more. The program provided both theoretical and practical training, and exchange of experiences between the participants and leaders of successful Ukrainian and international companies

Program Goals

  • Facilitating this transformation of state enterprises into successful, transparent, efficient and profitable company.
  • Government support Ukraine in the selection and development of new leaders, who will change state enterprises.
  • Clarification and promotion among elected leaders the value concept of using modern methods of corporate governance, effective operational management, capital market capabilities and other modern administration approaches.
  • Sharing international experience and best practices in public enterprises and their transformation by inviting renowned international professors, experts and practitioners.
  • Assist in identifying relevant strategic objectives for different types of state enterprises and provide a basis for development of leaders through mentoring support of similar state-owned companies in North America and the European Union.

Faculty and Guest Speakers


Aivaras Abromavičius

Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine


President of the WNISEF

Krzysztof Obloj

 Professor, University of Warsaw and the Kozminski University

Olena Voloshyna

IFC Country Manager for Ukraine


Andryi Bulakh

 Managing Partner of Deloitte CIS West region


Dina Nemyrovych

Director of Strategy, "FARMAK"


Kostiantyn Magaletskyi
Partner, Horizon Capital


Anna Vlasova
Professor, Kyiv School of Economics 

Kateryna Gupaloо

Counselor, Arzinger  


Tetiana Lukyniuk

CEO, Red Bull


Russel Pittman

Professor KSE, US Department of Justice


Oksana Monastyrska

Managing Partner, PBN Hill+Knowlton Strategies 

Mykhailo Kolisnyk
Professor, Kyiv School of Economics 

Anton Ovchynnikov

Distinguished Professor, Smith School of Business, Канада  


Fabrizio Zucca

Professor, SDA Bocconi School of Management

Program Director

Ivan Kompan


Program Coordinator

Yuliia Mincheva

063 72-602-74


Kyiv School of Economics

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Western NIS Enterprise Fund

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Ministry of Economic Development and Trade

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