MBA Program of Agro Leadership

MRIYA Agro Holding
Kyiv School of Economics (KSE)
Lviv Business School (LvBS)

Mriya Leaders Academy

A unique for the world in-house MBA in Agro Management

“A successful general needs to be a thinker, a fighter, and a farmer.”

Sun Tzu, Chinese strategist and philosopher, VI century BC

Mriya Agro Holding, in cooperation with Kyiv School of Economics and Lviv Business School, launched in-house MBA in agro management “Mriya Leaders Academy” that took place in 
Kyiv and Lviv in 2013.

The perspective top managers of Mriya Agro Holding were provided with innovative knowledge and skills which will allow both Mriya Agro Holding and the managers themselves to reach the next level of success. The Program was performed by leading faculty of Kyiv School of Economics together with top managers of Mriya Agro Holding.

Program Goal

The main goal of the “Mriya Leaders Academy” program is to enable Mriya Agro Holding employees to comply with global management standards. During the studies, participants obtain knowledge of innovative high-value and low-cost strategies and ways to apply these strategies in management and production processes.

Program Advantages

    • Highly professional faculty with outstanding teaching experience in accordance to international standards
    • Close link to production 
    • Unique practical experience of company’s top management in agro management and development of agriculture.

Program Format and Structure

The “Mriya Leaders Academy” program includes 12 modules. Each module includes:
    • Learning
    • Presentation of other enterprises’ experience
    • Link to production
    • Practice
    • Reflection.
Module 1-3: Value Proposition 
(Strategy, Marketing and Managerial Economics)
Module 4-6: Profit Proposition 
(Financial Management, Financial Reporting)
Module 7-9: HR Proposition 
(Human Resource Management, Leadership and Organizational Development)
Module 10-12: Implementation 
(Project Management, Operations Management, Information Systems 


Mriya Agro Holding is one of the largest and most efficient agricultural producers in Ukraine and globally. The Company was founded in 1992 as a family business with the dream to create a leading and responsible agricultural business committed to grow and supply the best produce for its people. 

Like a germinating seed, Mriya has grown dramatically and expanded its farmland from 50 hectares to 298,000 hectares. Today, “Mriya” is a vertically integrated agro holding with its own infrastructure, modern car park and agricultural equipment. 

Mriya's produce is sold in over 20 countries around the world, supplying the largest food companies in Europe. Mriya's land is concentrated in Western Ukraine where «black earth» is among the most fertile lands in the world. 


Lviv Business School (LvBS) is aimed at creating open community of leaders who would efficiently and in compliance with international standards build a productive system and high-quality management culture through combination and development of applied knowledge, practical skills and expertise, common human and professional values. LvBS is the school cherishing European values and approaches that develops open and responsible business community. The School’s goal is to support the development of visionaries who would be proactive in building Ukrainian business environment, not in responding to single high-rise problems.


Program coordinators:

Shlapai Halyna

+38 (093) 679-88-42