November 17-19, 2016

Program Target Group

This time-proved program was developed for decision-makers, who don't work in the sphere of finance, but who want to improve their knowledge of finance and learn how to make decisions efficiently

The program's participants will be immersed in the financial environment and work on real practical cases for 3 days. Financial material is explained in a simple form so that non-financiers can easily understand it and implement obtained skills in daily work.

Program Goal

The main goal of the program is to provide managers of non-financial sphere with skills of decision-making on the basis of financial reasons. Taking into account that the majority of arguments in the decision-making process or during negotiations with counteragents are financial reasons, the main aim of the session is to teach participants to efficiently use these arguments in the daily work and in communication with financiers, as well as with non-financiers.

You will you learn how to

    • Apply to financial reasons during negotiations, presentations and upholding of one's position efficiently;
    • Correctly use financial terminology in the process of communication with financiers, as well as with non-financiers;
    • Competently classify company’s expenses to make and prove current decisions (for example, in situations when there’s a need to change the product price, hire new employee or prove the necessity of advertising);
    • Calculate the company’s break-even point (CVP-analysis);
    • Make current budgets and justify projects with the help of capital budgeting, as well as monitor and control projects;
    • Assess risks of new projects;
    • Make decisions quickly, relying on the expenses analysis (for example, decisions about the need of equipment replacement, order of service in an unknown company, entrance to the market with a new product or withdrawal of the product from the market).

Program format

Within 3 days, the participants go deep in the financial environment and process live practical cases. Financial material is presented easily and accessible for non-financiers.


 Mykhailo Kolisnyk


November 17-19, 2016


Three full days with 1 hour lunch break


Kyiv, 92-94 Dmytrivska st.

A certificate of program completion:

Certificate in Business Excellence

Cost of the program

9000 UAH (with VAT)

10% discount on condition of registration by October 17, 2016;
5% discount on condition of registration by November 1, 2016.


For additional information about the Program, please, contact:

Halyna Skalska

+38 (095) 846 8937