KSE Master's Programs

Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) offers two internationally recognized master's programs: 

These are not just two more master's programs in Ukraine. KSE is different.

KSE is different because we see our students as investors in skills. Investing in education means hard work, a continuous effort to improve one's knowledge, commitment and focus on studies, and long hours of preparation. However, it is also means reward: huge career opportunities, personal development and a better understanding of the world around us.

KSE is different because we measure ourselves against international standards and compete in the global marketplace of educational institutions. KSE does not just prepare its graduates for the Ukrainian labor market; we produce graduates who can succeed in the global economy. 

Attention! In 2018 the admission starts on May 14. Please check new admission timeline! 

KSE Master's Programs competitive advantages:

Instruction fully in


Globally trained


Opportunity to get the
University of Houston diploma (USA)

At the end of the program you will:

have an in-depth knowledge of modern economics


be well prepared for making evidence based decisions


be well equipped for exciting careers in private and public sector or academia

KSE Alumni

By now, KSE has successfully graduated 665 top-notch alumni, 194 of which have earned the University of Houston Degree, 137 have defended their Ph.D.s from prestigious Western universities and 10 are rated by Forbes among the Top 15 Ukrainian Economic Thinkers

To learn more about the KSE alumni career paths and success stories follow the link.

Learn more about KSE Master's Programs and career opportunities for graduates:


For futher information regarding Master's Programs please contact:

Natalia Zaika

Head of the Academic Affairs Department

067 434 7168


Vitalii Zaiets

Academic Affairs Coordinator

067 434 7163

+38 067 434 7163