MA in Business and Financial Economics

The KSE MA Program in Business and Financial Economics is a one-year program taught exclusively in English. Its faculty comprises of Western-trained Ph.D. economists, professors with MBA degrees, and practitioners. The program focuses on understanding the economics and finance that is needed to make right business decisions and obtaining the skills to make a career in business. This training leads to careers in banks, financial institutions, investment funds, consulting, audit and industry in positions like managers, consultants, and financial specialists.

The One-Year MA in Business and Financial Economics at a glance

  • One-year of full-time studies
  • Instruction fully in English
  • Globally trained faculty
  • Advanced knowledge of economics and finance
  • Skills needed for business and business decision-making
  • Internships in international companies (banks, investment funds, and consulting)

Learning Outcomes

 At the end of this Program, students:

  • Are well prepared to make important managerial decisions
  • Know how to analyze business decisions through the lens of modern economics
  • Are able to apply quantitative tools to formalize and      answer business questions
  • Are well equipped for exciting careers in business 

Upon graduation, students get

  •  A Master’s certificate from KSE
  • An opportunity to receive an MA Degree in Applied Economics from the University of Houston
  • Excellent career opportunities in the private and public sector
  • Access to the KSE alumni network

Admissions are based on the strength of the application packages and the results of the interviews.