Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the KSE One-Year MA Program in Business and Financial Economics is €3,000 per student per year (payments are made in UAH, the course is fixed at the beginning of the academic year).

Though the real cost of providing education at the KSE MA Program in Business and Financial Economics is €10,000 a year, students of the program automatically receive a scholarship in the amount of €7,000 which is funded by the KSE donors.

Students who would also wish to receive the University of Houston MA Degree in Applied Economics upon their graduation from the Program will also need to cover the UH fee for this degree.

Tuition Fee for International Students

Tuition for international students at the one-year MA program in Business and Financial Economics is EUR 8,500.
Upon admission all international students are required to take paid research assistant (RA) positions at KSE. RA-ships are official part-time employment opportunities that require students to work on various KSE’s research projects. These positions have a net yearly compensation of about EUR 1,800.


There are no scholarships offered for the MA in Business and Financial Economics, however, there is an opportunity to defer payment in case of a strong financial need.

Need-Based Deferral of Payments and Housing Support

Deferral of tuition payments is a special kind of financial support that allows students to postpone payment of the KSE tuition. Student can submit request for the deferral only after the first miniterm of study at KSE. 

Housing support comes in the form of a monthly stipend (paid each month a student studies at the KSE) which has to be paid back by the student according to the same rules that apply to deferred tuition. 

Students who want to be considered for the deferred tuition and housing support shall fill out and submit to the KSE Academic Affairs Department/ Admissions Office the Payment Deferral and Housing Support Request within 5 days after the end of miniterm I.

This Request Form shall be accompanied by:

(1)     a letter of request explaining the applicant’s need for the deferral and/or housing support;

(2)     information regarding the applicant’s family’s composition and financial situation (family members’ official earnings, assets, and so on)

An applicant shall present his/her application orally before the KSE Payment Deferral and Housing Support Committee, consisting of not less than three KSE staff or faculty members. The committee makes decisions regarding deferral of payments and/or housing support by a majority vote.

The School is under no obligation to give any student deferral of tuition or housing support.

Repayment of deferred payments and/or housing support shall start not later than 6 months after graduation. Students that are on an academic leave that lasts more than one year shall start paying back their debt to the KSE not later than one year after the beginning of the academic leave. Deferred tuition and housing support should be paid back within a period that is no longer than 6 months plus the time the student received deferral at the School.

In case a student is given deferred tuition and/or housing support, a separate contract outlining the terms and conditions of deferred payments is signed between the student and the School. The Administrative Department manages such contracts and follows up the cases of non-timely payment.

If during the academic year the financial situation of a student changes for the worse, the student can apply for deferred tuition and/or housing support. If the School is convinced that the financial situation of a student changed for the better, the School can revoke the deferred housing support or the deferral of tuition.

Students cannot get the deferral of tuition or housing support twice for the same period of studies. If a student repeats a miniterm which he/she took before, no deferral or housing support is made available.

Students who violate the School’s policies lose their deferral of tuition and/or housing support automatically.

Awards and grants to KSE students

Awards or grants are fixed amounts of money provided on a competitive basis to people satisfying the award’s or grant’s requirements. The KSE manages competitions open to the general public, including KSE students (for example, the EERC grants competition) and may also hold competitions that are open to KSE students only. Awards and grants, depending on their conditions and stipulations, may be used for tuition payment, housing support, research support (databases, etc.) or may be given in the form of a direct payment to the recipient. The KSE may also manage awards or grants provided to KSE students by other institutions, if the awards or grants are aimed at helping students cover their tuition and housing expenses.

KSE awards and grants are assigned by the Award/Grant committee. The recipient has the right to reject the award/ grant. An award/grant may be revoked if the recipient fails to satisfy the award’s/grant’s requirements during the award/grant period.

KSE Donors’ Contribution

The actual cost of providing education at the KSE is €10,000 a year per student. The difference between the actual cost of the education and the tuition fee paid by students is covered by KSE’s donors.