Master's Program in Economic Analysis

This is a two-year program taught exclusively in English by faculty of western Ph.D. economists and economic policy leaders. The program offers unique skills in economic and financial modeling and analysis that prepare students of the program to work effectively as economists in decision-making and advisory positions in their home country, or to apply to Ph.D. programs abroad. This training is an ideal preparation for positions that require a high level of analytical sophistication like research-oriented and analytical functions in international organizations or business, as well as for further study at international Ph.D. programs. 

Attention! In 2018 the admission starts on May 14. Please check new admission timeline! 

Program at a glance:



2 years





September 1, 2018





University of Houston
MA in Economics



Globally trained

Tuition waivers: 

90% tuition waivers (up to 10)
tuition waivers (up to 10)
50% tuition waivers (up to 10)


Special support: 

Scholarships and leaving
support for students
from regions (up to 20)

 Application deadline: July 26, 2018

What will you get at the end of the program?

Hard skills:


Soft skills:

- Quantitative and qualitative
data analysis
- R
- Stata
- Matlab
- Modelling economic and
financial processes
- Policy analysis
- Academic and applied
research skills
- Academic writing
- Evidence-based decision making


- Problem solving
- Team work
- Critical thinking
- Time management
- Stress resistance
- Analytical reasoning
- Presentation skills

At the end of the program you will:

you will be able to apply advanced analytical tools to analyze important business and police questions


be well prepared for the Ph.D. and other graduate studies at leading universities worldwide


be well equipped for jobs with a high level of analytical sophistication, both in the private and public sector

What will you study?

First-Year Courses

Miniterm I:

- Macroeconomics I
- Mathematics for
Economists I
- Statistics and Econometrics I
- English Language


Miniterm II:

- Macroeconomics II
- Microeconomics I
- Statistics and Econometrics II
- English Language

Miniterm III:

- Microeconomics II
- Macroeconomics III
- Mathematics for
Economists II
- Statistics and Econometrics III


Miniterm IV:

- Microeconomics III
- Mathematics for
Economists III
- Statistics and Econometrics IV
- English Language

Miniterm V:

- Microeconomics IV
- Macroeconomics IV
- Mathematics for
Economists IV
- English Language


Second-Year Courses

Miniterm I:

- Game Theory
- Analysis of Agri-Food Markets and Policy
- Procurement Workshop
- Economics of cryptocurrencies and blockchain
- Research Workshop


Miniterm II:

- Health Economics 
- Policy Analysis I
- KSE/NBU Monetary Policy Workshop
- Research Workshop 

Miniterm III:

- Advanced Econometrics 
- Financial Economics: Financial Instruments
- Data Analysis and Visualization in R/International Political Economy
- Research Workshop 


Miniterm IV:

- Policy Analysis II
- Behavioral Economics and Finance
- Big Data Analysis Workshop 
- English Language
- Research Workshop 

Miniterm V:

- Advanced Financial Economics
- Labor Economics
- Big Data in Python
- Thesis Workshop



Who will teach you?

Associate Professors:

PhD, University of Wisconsin Madison

PhD, University of Michigan

Assistant Professors:


Elena Besedina
PhD, Bocconi University (Italy)

Olga Kupets
PhD, Institute of Demography and Social Studies (Ukraine)

Oleg Nivievskyi
PhD, Georg August
University (Germany)

Maksym Obrizan
PhD, University of Iowa

Volodymyr Vakhitov
PhD, University of Kentucky

Hanna Vakhitova
PhD, University of Kentucky

Olesia Verchenko
PhD, University of Virginia

Visiting professors:

Denys Nizalov
Associate Lecturer at the University of Kent, UK
PhD, Michigan State University

Simone Raudino
PhD, The University
of Hong Kong

 Financial support

Most students at the Economic Analysis program receive scholarships that cover full or partial tuition fee. 

  • Scholarships

    For 2018/2019 academic year, KSE provides for first-year students:

    - Up to 10 tuition waivers, that covers 90% fee for 10 best students upon the results of scholarship exams on March 17, 2018
    - Up to 10 tuition waivers, that covers 80% fee for 10 best students upon the results of scholarship exams on July 6, 2018
    - Up to 10 tuition waivers, that covers 80% fee for 10 best students upon the results of scholarship exams on August 10, 2018
    - Up to 10 partial tuition waivers, that covers 50% tuition fee (€1500) upon the results of scholarship exams on March 17 and July 6, 2018
  • Special support program "Talents from regions"

    KSE aims to give applicants from regional universities similar access to high quality education and boost their prospects of successful business or academic careers afterwards. That is why in 2018/19 academic year the School will provide up to 20 merit-based full scholarships to study in the two-year MA Program in Economic Analysis, and also grants for their living expenses in Kyiv (a dormitory and a monthly stipend) for students from regions. 

  • Deferred tuition

    Kyiv School of Economics gives an opportunity to defer payment in case of a strong financial need.

    Deferral of tuition payments is a special kind of financial support that allows students to postpone payment of the KSE tuition. Student can submit request for the deferral after the first miniterm of study at KSE. 

 Tuition fee

The tuition fee paid by a student is €3,000 per year*. Payments are done in five instalments during the academic year. 

Students who would also wish to receive the University of Houston MA Degree in Economics upon their graduation from the Program will also need to cover the UH fee for this degree – €1500 (to receive the University of Houston diploma a student must fulfil the academic requirements: the GPA of the bachelor diploma and the UH blocks must be B or higher).

* The full cost of providing education at the KSE MA Program in Economic Analysis is €10,000 a year, students of the program automatically receive a scholarship in the amount of €7,000 which is funded by the KSE donors.

Admission timeline:

May 14-31, 2018

Additional professional exam in Economics (for applicants with non-economics degree)

May 14-June 5, 2018 

July 6, 2018

July 2-26, 2018

Documents submission

July 27, 2018

Admission exam in Economics

For futher information regarding Master's Programs please contact:

Natalia Zaika

Head of the Academic Affairs Department
067 434 7168


Vitalii Zaiets

Academic Affairs Coordinator
067 434 7163

+38 067 434 7163