MA in Economic Analysis

The KSE MA Program in Economic Analysis is a two-year program taught exclusively in English. Most of its faculty are Western-trained Ph.D. economists from Ukraine with a strong research background, as well as visiting professors from universities abroad. The program offers unique skills in economic and financial modeling and analysis that prepare students of the program to work effectively as economists in decision-making and advisory positions in their home country, or to apply to Ph.D. programs abroad. This training is an ideal preparation for further study at Western Ph.D. programs and for positions that require a high level of analytical sophistication like research-oriented and analytical functions in international organizations or business.

The Two-Year MA Program in Economic Analysis at a glance
  • Two-years of full-time studies 
  • Instruction fully in English 
  • Globally trained faculty
  • Advanced knowledge and skills in economic analysis
  • Research environment
Learning Outcomes

At the end of this Program, students:
  • Have an in-depth knowledge of modern economics
  • Are able to apply advanced analytical tools to analyze important policy questions 
  • Have the academic research skills necessary to write papers for publication in academic journals and are ready to start extending the frontiers of economic research
  • Are well prepared for the doctoral studies at the leading universities worldwide
  • Are well equipped for jobs with a high level of analytical sophistication, both in the private and public sector
Upon graduation, students get
  • A Master’s certificate from KSE
  • An opportunity to receive an MA Degree in Economics from the University of Houston (US) 
  • Possibilities for further studies at leading Ph.D. programs in North America and Western Europe 
  • Excellent career opportunities in the private and public sector
  • Access to the KSE alumni network
Applicants will be selected for general admission based on the review of their application materials and an interview conducted by the KSE faculty in English. To be considered for a full or partial merit-based scholarship, an applicant must also pass the KSE Scholarship Test that will take place on July 6, 2016 at the KSE premises (Kyiv, Dmytivska 92-94).