Building Human Capital for Civil Service Reform in Ukraine

The Project is developed under the support of the National Endowment for Democracy by Kyiv School of Economics and in line with the governmental strategy to provide high-quality education and training on to civil servants.

KSE’s endeavors are supported by the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, management teams of several ministries and representatives of the “Euro-Optimists” MPs group in the Parliament.

Public Administration Reform in Ukraine is recognized as a crucial element of the overall transformation both inside and outside of the country. Such reform cannot be efficiently implemented without civil servants, equipped with necessary skills and knowledge. Yet, existing training opportunities for the civil servants are of extremely poor quality as recognized by international experts. 

Project includes two components:

1) New model for civil servants training and education provision needed for the civil service reform
Kyiv School of Economics is working on the analysis of current training objectives, legal framework and training institutions providing education, and elaborating a policy proposal on how to improve provision of education and training for the civil servants.
Upon the agreement with governmental stakeholders, this proposal will be further developed to the amendments to the legislation to ensure the implementation of new model

2) Series of short-term professional development courses for civil servants
Kyiv School of Economics has received several requests for professional development courses from different agencies and the Parliament. Based on those requests we shall develop a series of short-term courses for civil servants, which will also be open for participation to some people from outside of the civil service. 
The goal of the courses is two-fold. Primarily, it is to respond to the needs of the governmental agencies. But from a wider perspective it will also showcase a different, higher quality of professional development programmes for civil servants, thus pushing forward the need for the reform of the education and training model on the national scope.

Project Manager:
Dmytro Iarovyi, Department of Public Administration