Professional program "Management of Public Finance"

Professional program "Management of Public Finance"

In 2015-2016, Kyiv School of Economics and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)), acting on behalf of the German Government, have implemented a program “Leadership in Public Finances” aimed at active citizens who seek to become agents of reform and leaders in public finance management in Ukraine. Graduates of the program are working on leading management positions in civil service, reform offices, banking sector, reputable NGOs, or as faculty and researchers at the Kyiv School of Economics and other leading educational institutions.

Taking into account this positive experience, with support from the German and UK Governments the partners decided to launch the "Management of Public Finance" program, which is a logical continuation of the pilot project, but has a different focus. This program is aimed at developing the professional capacity of mid-managers and other active employees who seek career development.

The audience of the program  is the staff of state bodies (Ministry of Finance, the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers, the State Fiscal Service and the State Treasury), as well as representatives of local authorities that deal with public finance. A group of participants will be formed during a two-stage selection among the most promising and most motivated civil servants. 

The wide range of institutions represented by the students will enable them not only to acquire theoretical and practical skills, but also to expand their own professional network of informal contacts, which will contribute to a more efficient working process.

Program structure

  • 6 two-day training modules
  • 4 networking events with special guests (representatives of international organizations, Ministers or State Secretaries, other well-known public figures)
  • elaboration and presentation by students of individual project which will be implemented at their workplace
  • Summer Schools on public administration in Germany for most successful participants

Program content

1.    Public Economics and Finance

a.    Public Finance Efficiency and Equity

b.    Comparative Analysis of Public Finance Management Systems

c.    Decentralization and Reforms

d.   Project Management in Public Finance - focused on the bureaucratic processes (law on public service, mechanism of giving tasks etc.)

2.    Public Policy

a.    Policy Process, Development and Evaluation

b.    Strategic Planning and Strategic Thinking in Public Policy

c.    Culture of Public Policy: Public Administration and Society Interaction

d.    Leadership in Economic Growth (based on developed case-studies)

3.    Leadership Training and Process management

a.    HR Expertise and Team Building

b.    Psychology of Good Governance: Conflicts, Stress Management and Manipulation

c.    Digital Literacy and Smart-Technologies

d.    Managerial Rhetoric and Oratorical Skills

Project manager — Dmytro Iarovyi, Public Administration Department