Apply Now

Who can apply?
Any Norwegian or Ukrainian citizen, not necessarily a student.

How to apply?
Add the below listed documents written in English to the registration form 
1. CV
2. Letter of motivation (max 1 page)
3. Business proposal for Norwegian-Ukrainian trade or business development (max 10 pages)
By submitting your business proposal you agree that it may be used by NUCC in its general efforts of searching for Norwegian-Ukrainian business partners and facilitating international business operations between two countries.
Every applicant must find a Ukrainian or Norwegian company on which basis he/she will develop a business proposal following this structure:
  • Letter of intention signed by the company on which basis the business proposal is developed (it should be a short declaration about willingness for cooperation with a foreign partner and include information about a contact person from company management);
  • Overview of the industry the company is operating in;
  • Description of company’s market position and competitive advantages;
  • Description of company’s product (goods/services);
  • General description of company’s business model;
  • Summary of company’s current international operations (only if an applicant is already working for a company operating internationally in Norwegian – Ukrainian business environment)
  • Short descriptions of the ideal foreign partner.
Study Credits?
Norwegian-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Oslo Norway
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Kyiv School of Economics
Program coordinators in Ukraine:
Volodymyr Vargola:
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