Essay Contest

VoxUkraine, the Kyiv School of Economics, and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine would like to invite the youth of Ukraine to present a vision for Ukraine at the grand opening of the symposium “Ukraine: Escape from Post-Soviet Legacy?”.

On April 24-26, VoxUkraine, the Kyiv School of Economics, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Pittsburgh, Stockholm Institute of Transition Economics, the USAID Program “Leadership in Economic Governance and the Association for Comparative Economic Studies, are organizing the symposium “Ukraine: Escape from Post-Soviet Legacy?”. A symposium devoted to the Special Issue of the Journal of Comparative Economics. 

The symposium aims to generate global support to Ukraine, increase its capacity to conduct reforms, and use some of the best minds in economics and related fields to find solutions to Ukraine’s challenges

We are inviting the President and the Prime Minister of Ukraine, other ministers and ministry representatives, the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, as well as other high-rank officials representing the Government and the Parliament of Ukraine, independent media, business community, and civil society. For more information about the symposium please visit the page 
Besides these top politicians, we also would like to give the young people of Ukraine a chance to share their views of the Ukrainian future.

We therefore invite young Ukrainians (age 18-25) to submit a one-page description of their vision for Ukraine. From the submissions, the VoxUkraine editorial Board will select one essay which is meaningful, inspirational, well though-out and well written. 

The author(s) of this vision will be invited to present at the grand opening event, with participation of the President and the Prime Minister, on April, 24th. Authors of other outstanding submissions will be invited to attend the conference. 

Submission Requirements:

Submissions can be written by one person, or co-authored by many – we particularly welcome submissions from groups of young people from different parts of Ukraine that can present an integrated vision for the whole country;
The essay should not exceed 8,000 characters with spaces;
Language of the essay – Ukrainian or English.

The essays should be sent by email to – before 23.59 (11.59 pm) of April, 17. Submissions should contain  information about the author(s): full name,  age, current occupation, degrees or experience (for students – the name of the University, faculty, and year of study) and the URL of the author(s) web page (if any). 

If you have any further questions, please contact at