Endorsed by the Editorial Board of VoxUkraine, Yuriy Gorodnichenko (UC Berkeley), Veronika Movchan(IER), Tymofiy Mylovanov (U. of Pittsburgh), Tom Coupé (KSE), Ilona Sologoub (KSE), Oleksandr Talavera (U. of Sheffield), Oleksandr Zholud (International Center for Policy Studies), Olena Bilan (Dragon Capital) Volodymyr Bilotkach (Newcastle U.), and by Nataliia Shapoval (KSE)

VoxUkraine is a group of some of the best global economists, lawyers and members of the Ukrainian policy community who are working on reforms in Ukraine. We combine local knowledge of problems and the institutional detail with Western expertise, efficiency and independence. VoxUkraine’s strength in data analysis allows VoxUkraine to support Ukraine’s reform process with evidence-based policy advice. Working in different countries, the group shares the emotional commitment to work for the good of Ukraine. This initiative has originated from the discussions among a number of foreign- and Ukraine- based Ukrainians around the time of the EuroMaidan Revolution.

VoxUkraine is managed by an Editorial Board, which includes of several Ukrainian top academics  (e.g. Yuriy Gorodnichenko ranked 1st young economist in the REPEC global ranking; Tymofiy Mylovanov ranked 2nd in the Forbes.ua ranking of Ukrainian Economists) and leading Ukrainian analysts (e.g., Olena Bilan of Dragon Capital, a leading investment bank, ranked 2nd  in Thomson Reuters ranking of Economic analysts; Oleksandr Zholud from the International Center for Policy Studies and Ilona Sologoub from the Kyiv School of Economics). 

VoxUkraine is closely linked to the Kyiv School of Economics. Most of the members of the Editorial Board of VoxUkraine are KSE/EERC alumni and faculty members.  VoxUkraine benefits from KSE as KSE staff/faculty members are heavily involved in VoxUkraine’s day-to-day running, VoxUkraine receives administrative support for many of its activities (like the JCE conference and other events), VoxUkraine is housed by KSE, with VoxUkraine people using KSE offices and VoxUkraine using KSE’s legal entities to receive grants. By being linked to KSE, VoxUkraine benefits from KSE's reputation, and KSE benefits from VoxUkraine's reputation. 

VoxUkraine, however, is not an initiative of KSE as such, neither is it controlled by the KSE administration. By not being a KSE initiative, but rather being a volunteer initiative, VoxUkraine can attract a wider network of collaborators. By being autonomous from KSE's administration, VoxUkraine can keep a level of policy independence that would not be possible of VoxUkraine was a pure KSE initiative. Hence, VoxUkraine, by not being ‘owned’ by KSE and by not being perceived as ‘owned’ by KSE, is more beneficial both to Ukraine and to the KSE community than it otherwise would and could be.

The VoxUkraine team, which includes the Editorial Board, Executives, and Contributors, no matter where they live, are passionate about building a new country with an accountable and transparent government, informed public debates on key policy decisions, strong democratic institutions, and a high level of economic analysis. We are confident that together, KSE and VoxUkraine, can play an important role in this transformation of Ukraine.

Please visit us at - http://voxukraine.org/en/