Приглашаем на курс "Data analytics and visualization in R"


We are happy to invite everyone who is interested in the field to join the course "Data analytics and visualization in R"

This course is designed to get hands-on experience in working with big data in business, economics and finance. In addition to lectures students will have numerous business cases to be solved in groups. The course will cover basic tools of data analytics and visualization with more than 10 practical cases analyzed in R. Students will also participate in kaggle.com competitions, learn how to quickly find answers to programming questions at stackoverflow.com and discover other great resources to deepen their knowledge. Prerequisites for this course are "Econometrics I" and "Econometrics II" covering descriptive statistics, linear regression and basics of R programming.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Get familiar with business, finance and economic applications of big data
  • Learn to apply R and RStudio software to data analytics problems
  • Study tools to visualize data
  • Develop own big data project
  • Formulate solutions to practical examples and exercises

Language: English

Start: January 12th (14.00-17.00)

Next meetings: every Wednesday (14.00-17.00) till February 21.

The Data analytics and visualization in R is the first course in a Data Science for Business track that is launched at Business and Financial Economics program. 

The track consists of three courses:

  1. Data analytics and visualization in R (January-February) by Maksym Obrizan
  2. Data science for business applications (March-April) by Volodymyr Vakhitov
  3. Big Data in Python (May-June) by Tom Coupe.

The fee for one course is EUR 200, the fee for all three courses is EUR 500.  

If you want to be enrolled in the course, please register