MBA course: Strategic Marketing


In October the MBA course in #KSE has started. This program demands efforts, diligence and passion, and provides systematic knowledge and expertise for future business leaders. MBA is a 12-month accelerated program. It designed for ambitious and thoughtful leaders working in a wide range of industries. Now you can join one of the courses of the MBA program.  

Course name: Strategic Marketing

Dates: October, 19 - December, 23

LecturerTatiana Lukinyuk, CEO at Red Bull Ukraine

Brief description: Marketing-orientated organisations are the ones which achieve better success in business these days. This module is about a strategic consumer-centric approach in marketing planning to achieve competitive advantage. The module outlines the importance of all stages within the marketing planning process, from the audit, through strategic decision making, to implementation of plans. At the end of this course the student should be able to compose situation analysis, create forceful plan, implement and control results. 

Students are required to participate in class and group assignments, write a Midterm Exam and a Final Assignment for this course.

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