Закон непередбачуваних наслідків у футболі: вплив трьохочкової системи на стратегії та результати

1 липня, 2010 р., Наукові праці Київської школи економіки, розглядається можливість публікації в Journal of Sports Economics.

This paper analyzes whether the three-point rule in soccer brought more action to the game for a large sample of European championships in 1990-1997, revealing team-specific heterogeneity of responses caused by differences in team tactics in the period prior to the rule change. Teamsthat relied more heavily on tie-intensive tactics dramatically changed theirbehavior towards more attacking style in away games, considerably reducing probability of a tie. Interestingly, even though the three-point rule signifficantly reduced proportion of ties, it did not bring more goals intothe game because the increased rewards of scoring when the current scoreis tied were offset by increased incentives of defending the current scorewhen one team led.

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