Suspicious Blood and Performance in Professional Cycling (Journal of Sports Economics)

Наукова стаття Тома Купе, написана спільно з Олів'є Жерго (Olivier Gergaud), "Suspicious Blood and Performance in Professional Cycling" була прийнята до публікації до "Journal of Sports Economics".

In this note, we analyze whether the International Cycling Union’s ‘index of suspicion’, which reflects the extent to which a rider is suspected of using doping, correlates with performance during the 2010 Tour de France and the one year period before and after the 2010 Tour de France. Though our point estimates suggest a medium sized performance improving effect of being suspected of doping, the index of suspicion can only explain a very small part of the variation in performance. This could be because the current doping practice in cycling has little effect on diverse rankings in these races.