Залучення бідних верств населення до системи соціальної допомоги: Оцінка впливу Проекту модернізації в України

У процесі підготовки

Анотація. This paper investigates how a large scale Project of the social assistance system modernization affects the participation of poor households in Ukraine. The mechanism of the impact of social assistance system on poverty is very complex. Only some programs are specifically designed for the poor while the rest of the transfers target other vulnerable groups (children, disable, or old-aged citizens). Our preliminary finding suggest  no evidence of the Project’s overall impact on participation of poor. This result to a large extend is driven by diversity of the Project’s activities, heterogeneity among assistance providers (including different pace of reform implementation) and among assistance recipients. A number of extended specifications were estimated to address these issues. They reveal that four activities out of ten have a positive effect on the participation rate of the poor. These activities include office remodeling, archiving recipients’ cases in a separate room, organization of control over application transfer, and joint introduction of single application procedure and division restructuring. This is still a work in progress and results are preliminary.

Викладач, Старший науковий співробітник
Ph.D., університет ш.Кентукі, 2006